Semester Closing with 4CITIES Thesis Seminar

Students from Cohort 13 presenting research designs

Closing the summer term on a high note!
On July 1-2, 2022, 4CITIES students and staff were appreciating the possibility to hold the master thesis seminar in person. After two years of online thesis seminars, we were delighted to host our colleagues from Brussels, Copenhagen and Madrid at the University of Vienna.

The purpose of the seminar was to assess students’ thesis research proposals and identify areas for improvement. Each student presented one research design. The presentations were discussed during a Q&A session. Fellow students and professors were able to share their critical observations. It is fair to say that the seminar left students with new ideas to be incorporated in their thesis research over the summer.
We wish good success!

4CITIES Joint Master in Urban Studies:
Text: Anahi Montalvo Rojo, 2022.
Pictures: Anahi Montalvo Rojo & Tom Carnegie, 2022