4CITIES Sensing The City

Workshop in Graz

Using our body as a data-gathering sensor, by Ogül Büber-Ottitsch, Martin Hammer & Robert Tendl from Graz Museum.

How can we experience cities understanding our body as a space for perception? On Friday, June 10, 2022, 4Cities students travelled to Graz on a sensory adventure. The workshop was guided and organized by 4Cities graduate and curatorial assistant at Graz Museum, Ogül Büber-Ottitsch.

The first part of the workshop was full of historical urban insights. Starting at our first venue, Graz Museum, students received a guided-tour by Ogül and Robert around the current exhibition 360 GRAZ, learning about the development of the city through topics like diversity, gender roles, project city and city images.

The second part took students uphill to Graz Museum Schlossberg. After enjoying one of the most wonderful views of Graz and getting to use the interactive "Graz-Blick" display, it was time for some meditation. By using storytelling exercises, the students got in touch with the senses, understanding their bodies as spaces for perception, as city data-gathering sensors. Divided into three groups, the students followed different walking routes around the city. They were able to get to know Graz with their senses, paying attention to textures, smells, atmospheres, patterns of social behaviour, noises, colours, etc. Gathered in beautiful Augarten, everyone reflected in the sensorial experience.

360 GRAZ www.grazmuseum.at/ausstellung/360-graz/
Graz Museum www.grazmuseum.at/
4CITIES Joint Master in Urban Studies: www.4cities.eu

Text and pictures: Anahi Montalvo Rojo, 2022.