Device reservation

How to lend field equipment from the Physical Geography

  1. Check availability: Please check the calender to see whether the equipment you need is available for the desired period. The calendar can only be viewed by employees with a u: account. External persons should send an inquiry to
  2. Inquiry: Please fill out the  "Inquiry for device reservation" form. The request will be sent to the responsible person.
  3. Feedback: After checking the request, you will receive a message on how to proceed.    
  4. Pick-up: When picking up the reserved equipment, a loan form must be filled out (see Download Area).
  5. NOTE: Certain devices have borrowing requirements:

    - Signature of the declaration of use

    - Compulsory schooling. Please take this into account in the time planning!

        Please discuss in advance with the responsible technician whether these requirements apply to the desired devices.

    Return: The field devices and, if applicable, the cases must be returned clean (!!!) on the agreed date. According to the previous arrangement, everything must either be brought directly to the technician or parked in the warehouse (room 2A102).


    General questions always only to