Our mission at the Department of Geography and Regional Research is to advance cutting-edge, creative and globally competitive research, which defines our discipline and has positive impacts on society and to translate this research into excellent teaching. This will empower our students to become critical and responsible graduates, teachers in Geography and Economic Education and global citizens. We strongly believe that Geography with its focus on space-time relationships and dynamics is centrally relevant for tackling the grand societal challenges that we are currently facing. Since the establishment of our department in 1885, we have nurtured the plurality and diversity of concepts and methods and fostered inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation, which are necessary to address the challenges of the 21st century. We aim to provide an inclusive, collegial and inspiring environment that enables all members of the department to unlock their potential and contribute to our mission.


25.06.2024 16:45

Excursion Video Blog Presentations


Studierende befragen im Bergsteigerdorf Grünau im Almtal.

Martin Heintel


Arbeitsgruppe Bevölkerung, Umwelt und Entwicklung

30 h / Woche, befristet von 01.10.2024-31.05.2027

Bewerbungsfrist: 04.07.2024


Local perspectives for accelerated implementation and the post-2030 sustainability agenda


Dust in the Wind - Vorführung des Windkanals zur Erosionsforschung. Interessierte konnten naturnahen Wind fühlen, messen und sehen - inklusive...


Stephan Glatzel as a guest on Punkt Eins (ORF radio program Ö1)

Research and publications



Framing Regional Development

A reflection on the use of language in regional development – examples from Austria

Martin Heintel


Geopolitics Journal

Kuzemko, C., Blondeel, M., Bradshaw, M., Bridge, G., Faigen, E., & Fletcher, L.


Sakdapolrak P., Sterly H., Borderon M., Bunchuay-Peth S. et al.

PNAS 121 (3) e2206185120


Natural hazards, vulnerability and disasters: Interdisciplinary perspectives

Lecture series 2024S

Organisation: Kerstin Krellenberg, Thomas Glade


ÖGG-Vorträge im Sommersemester 2024


Final public event of the Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies and of the FWF DOC.funds program "Cultural Mobility Studies"