The Geoecology Group aims at understanding ecosystem functioning across scales and time. More specifically, our research aims at identifying physical, chemical and biological parameters that control ecosystem carbon turnover on the landscape scale. We pay particular attention to vegetation and soils, as they are proxies for present and past ecosystem conditions. To achieve this, our research employs methods from soil science, ecophysiology and micrometeorology in a geography context. At present most of our projects focus on peatland carbon cycling at various field sites in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Sweden.



Is it possible to use peat moss (Sphagnum) as a substitute material for peat in horticultural substrates? The working group Geoecology from the...

Raphael Müller

Visiting Professor of Geoecology, Prof. Rafael Herrera Fernandez, researches causes of the biodiversity of Amazonian rainforests


"A new methodology for organic soils in national greenhouse gas inventories: Data synthesis, derivation and application"