Teaching in Geoecology

Our  undergraduate  teaching  provides  Geography  students  (in  German language) with knowledge and skills required to understand and contribute to modern Geoecology:

  • Basics of Biogeography, Soil Science and Climatology
  • Field skills analyzing ecosystem structure and processes
  • General laboratory skills focusing on soil analysis.

The interdisciplinary nature of Geoecology is reflected in our graduate teaching (mainly in English language): It delivers to students of Geography, Environmental Sciences, Geosciences and Biology extended knowledge on

  • Wetlands,
  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology,
  • Climatology and
  • Soil Science.

Advanced field and laboratory projects are held in close contact with our research projects.



(c) Stephan Glatzel

Study field trip, California 2017

(c) Glatzel Stephan

Constructed wetland used for wastewater treatment

(c) Raphael Müller 2018

Geoecological laboratory course

Practical training in the bachelor program Geography at the Institute of Geography and Regional Research at the University of Vienna

(c) ENGAGE - Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research