Research Focus

We pursue theoretically-founded and empirically-informed research at the interface of population dynamics, environmental change and social transformation processes. With our research we want to contribute to a better understanding of human-environment relationships, with a critical discussion of the relationship between global North and South. Our regional focus is South Asia, South-East Asia and East Africa. We seek to do excellent practice-relevant research - #notonlyfortheshelf

Migration and Displacement

Human Mobility as a motivating force of the Global Change | Influence of the environmental and climate change on the migratory movements | Impact of migration on the environmental change and on the adapting to climate changes

Translocal Resilience

Social practices of vulnerable populations at risk | Interplay between risk exposure and capacities to cope, adapt and transform | role of translocal connectedness and embeddedness on vulnerability and resilience

Health and Disease

Health as a central indicator for human development | Research of the impacts of environmental and climate change on morbidity and mortality | Vulnerability analysis of environmental health risks

Global South

Focus on causes and effects of global social and ecological transformation processes in the Global South | Interrelation between Global North and Global South and their role in poverty, inequality and vulnerability | Regional focus: Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia), South Asia (India, Bangladesh), East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia)