Lecture Series

2021S Natural Hazards, Vulnerabilities, and Disasters: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 

Tuesday, 17:00 – 18:30, Digital 02.03.21 - 29.06.21

Organisation: Thomas GLADE, Kerstin KRELLENBURG

Thomas Glade, Kerstin KRELLENBURG, Josef SETTELE, Bruno MERZ, Martin MERGILI, Cees van WESTEN, Matthias GARSCHAGEN, Jörn BIRKMANN, Christian KUHLICKE, Stefan GREIVING, Ortwin RENN, David ALEXANDER, David STEVENS

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ALL interested parties are cordially invited to follow the lectures and to contribute to the discussions. Each lecture is available under an individual link - if you are interested, please contact Ms. TYJAN at physio.geographie@univie.ac.at, the access link will then be sent without registration.