Patrick Sakdapolrak

Head of the Working Group
Professor of Population Geography and Demography
Vice-Director of Doctoral Studies (SPL 45)
Deputy Head of the Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies

Marion Borderon

Senior Scientist

Rachael Diniega

University Assistant (Prae-doc)

Coline Garcia

University Assistant (Prae-doc)

Leonard Kwhang-Gil Lemke

University Assistent (Prae-doc)

Johanna Kripp

Student Assistant

Karin Mayer


Simon Merschroth

Student Assistant (AGRUMIG Project)

Raffaella Pagogna

Project Assistant (AGRUMIG Project)

Harald Sterly

Senior Scientist

Reena Tadee

OeAD PhD Scholar

Mongkon Thongchaithanawut

OeAD PhD Scholar

Lemlem Fitwi Weldemariam

APPEAR PhD Scholar