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Tolentino, P. L., Perez, J. E., Guardian, E., Boothroyd, R., Hoey, T., Williams, R., Fryirs, K., Brierley, G., & David, C. P. (2022). River Styles and stream power analysis reveal the diversity of fluvial morphology in a Philippine tropical catchment. Geoscience Letters, 9(6).

Perez, J. E., Pöppl, R., Turnbull-Lloyd, L., & Wainwright, J. (2022). Assessment of fine sediment connectivity in agricultural hillslopes of the Fugnitz catchment, Lower Austria using sediment transport modeling and network analysis. 10th International Conference of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) , Coimbra, Portugal.

Battaglia, D., Bracken, L. J., Brovelli, A., Julia, C., Diaz Munoz, M., Fath, B., Funk, A., Guirro, M., Hein, T., Kerschner, C., Kimmich, C., Lima, V., Messe, A., Parsons, A., Perez, J. E., Pöppl, R., Prell, C., Recinos, S., Shi, Y., ... Voutsa, V. (2021). Two classes of functional connectivity in dynamical processes in networks. Journal of the Royal Society. Interface, 18(183).

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