Bachelor & Master thesis topics


1. Perceived versus actual unsafe areas and the link to people’s activity spaces.
2. Social Media and Location Privacy: what can tweets reveal?
3. Data protection of health geodata and its impact on spatial analysis.
4. k-Voronoi Masking: a method to protect confidential discrete spatial data.
5. Short Vs Long term spatial crime forecasting using autoregressive models.
6. Exploring Space-Time Autoregressive models for the prediction of future crime hotspots.
7. Introducing spatial dependence in machine learning models.

Ongoing Supervision

  • Rath Rebecca: “Geographic Profiling in Austria - Evaluating the country-specific characteristics of Austrian Geographic Profiling and optimizing its use” - Betreuerin: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Ourania Kounadi, BSc MSc

Completed Supervision

  • Larcher Daniel: Exploring the predictive performance of space-time autoregressive models in different temporal resolutions. xi+94 Seiten, 68 Abb, 20 Tab, 26 S. Anhang - Betreuerin: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Ourania Kounadi, BSc MSc (2022)