James Vandenberg, MSc

@ James Vandenberg

Institut für Geographie und Regionalforschung

Arbeitsgruppe Urban Studies

Universitätsassistent PraeDoc

Universitätsstraße 7, 5. Stock, Raum B0504

1010 Wien, Österreich 

Tel.: +43-1-4277-48761

E-Mail: james.vandenberg[at]univie.ac.at



I have an interdisciplinary academic background, beginning with a BA in International Relations and Development at the University of British Columbia, including a year abroad at the University of Amsterdam. Moreover, during my year abroad, I participated in a 6 month internship at Gender Concerns International in the Hague, where I supported the improvement of political and economic rights for women throughout the MENA region. Next, I completed the 4Cities Joint Erasmus MSc in Urban Studies, with semesters at 6 universities in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid, and for my thesis, investigated the potential of the sharing economy to contribute to social capital and cohesion in Amsterdam. Currently, for my doctoral research, I am continuing to analyze socio-technical-ecological systems, as I am investigating the potential of blockchain technologies to support more sustainable, circular, and holistic, urban metabolism management processes. More generally, I am interested in the potential of novel technologies to foster social change and sustainability transformations which result in more equitable and empowering urban ecosystems that harmonize with nature.

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