• Danielle Carbon: The influence of recurring drought-related dry periods in the summer months on the grid-bound drinking water supply - An analysis of regionality in the context of climate change in Germany (Supervisor: Thomas Glade)
  • Stefan Haselberger: Disturbance vs. stability or the quantification of biogeomorphic feedbacks in high mountain environments (Supervisors: Sabine Kraushaar, Jan Christoph Otto (Universität Salzburg))
  • Haoyuan Hong: Landslide susceptibility mapping using integration models (Supervisor: Thomas Glade)
  • Pedro Henrique Muniz-Lima: Landslide susceptibility mapping at a national scale for the Austrian territory - Scientific challenges within applicable solutions (Supervisor: Thomas Glade)
  • Nina Marlovits: Simulation of cascading landslides: a combination of models for fall and flow processes (Supervisors: Thomas Glade, Martin Mergili)
  • John Perez: Hotspots and hot moments - The role of connectivity and resilience science for managing human-impacted catchment systems (Supervisor: Ronald Pöppl)
  • Stefan Premm: Rekonstruktion der historischen Waldnutzung im Einzugsgebiet der Eisenproduktion des Steirischen Erzberges im Hinblick auf deren geomorphologe Folgewirkungen (Supervisor: Thomas Glade)
  • William Ries: Earthquake-triggered landslide distributions - Exploring the potential to transfer morphometric parameters of landslides triggered by the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake, New Zealand, to runout and susceptibility assessments in Austria (Supervisor: Thomas Glade)
  • Margherita Stumvoll: Landslide Geomorphology: Embedding landslide monitoring data into theoretical landscape development concepts (Supervisor: Thomas Glade)